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Protesters and Media Outside Safdarjung Hospital In Delhi

Written by  Published in Video Thursday, 26 July 2012 09:03

People are coming out to protest against the recent brutal gang-rape of a 23 year old girl that shook the entire nation. She was accompanied by a male friend after who was also viciously attacked and thrown off the bus.


The budding physiotherapist was manhandled in a moving bus and later thrown off after stripping her naked on Sunday, 16th December 2012.


The incident took place on a private chartered bus on the busiest road; Ring road in THE CAPITAL CITY OF INDIA, Delhi! The city which is also infamously termed as the Rape capital of India.


The condition of the girl remains critical yet continues to battle for her life. Doctors at Safdarjung Hospital where she is being treated says they've never seen a horrific case as this.


The doctors are battling the onset of septicaemia - a systemic infection, usually caused by bacteria of various types contaminating a person's blood.


In the raped girl's case, Septicemia may have been caused due to the infected cuts that she was inflicted with. Her small intestines had to be removed and even if she survives she may never eat again or live like a normal person.


According to statistics, a woman is raped every 18 hours or molested every 14 hours in the Capital. And more shockingly, the majority of the attackers are below 25 years. This year alone, some 600 cases have been recorded in New Delhi.

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